10 New Year Resolution Quotes to Inspire You to Start a Great New Year January 24, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized – Tags:

The new year is commonly used for starting over and trying to accomplish everything you always wanted to do. We all want to turn into the best version of ourselves, be it physically, mentally, professionally, or in any aspect of our lives. Whatever you want to change or achieve, the new year can give you that feeling of ‘new beginning’ that will inspire you to be better.

But, what if the new year isn’t enough to inspire you to write down and achieve some resolutions? We got you! Here are 10 new year resolution quotes to inspire you to start a great new year:

New year, new me, new everything!

The new year is great for a fresh start, so take advantage of that extra boost! If you want to exercise more, go get some new workout clothes. Start with a clean slate!

Instead of adding things to your life, you can get rid of everything you don’t need.

Exercising more, being more social, and so on. These are some of the most common resolutions out there. But maybe you should say ‘yes’ less, or be less resentful. Get rid of what doesn’t add to your life. 

Manifest and you shall receive.

If you want to be a blogger this year, you better start believing it before it happens. Wake up and say “I’m going to be a blogger today”, and it will happen before you know it!

Courage will take you anywhere, fear will only let you stay where you are.

No one grows inside their comfort zone, so you better start getting uncomfortable this year. If it scares you, DO IT!

Remember January is just a transition month into your new self.

Don’t think you have to accomplish all your goals by January. Remember you have the whole year to get to where you want to be. 

Seek opportunity everywhere you look.

You know once you start thinking about a yellow car you suddenly start seeing it everywhere. Well, the same thing happens with opportunities! Seek them out and they will appear.

Always remember your goals.

Knowing why you’re setting these specific goals is the fuel that will keep you working towards them all year round. Never forget it!

If you can, start today!

Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. This applies for everything, including starting to work on your resolutions. 

Learn from the past so you can be better in the future.

We can always check in with ourselves from the past and see what we can do to change what we don’t like. 

See how far you’ve come, and be grateful for where you are now.

And finally, as you reminisce on your past, take in everything you’ve accomplished so far. Be proud of yourself!

We hope these quotes really inspire you to be a better version of yourself this year, and good luck with all your resolutions!