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Can you remember the best gift your parents gave you? Maybe the bicycle, laptop, modern phone? You got it well. It’s your sister. It is the person who knows you the best, who is always there for you when everything else is falling apart. She understands you the most and she is always on your side. Also, your sister is often the voice of common sense and the honest friend who pushes you to do better, do feel better. How often do you express gratitude for having her in your life? It’s time to start now. Here is a list of 10 sisterly quotes, send her the link and make her know how much you love her.

sisterly quotes

Nothing is greater than the unique power of the sisters’ connection. Those who are blessed to have a sister, know what we are talking about.

There are two most important roles a sister plays in your life – the role of second mother and the very first friend. How many can relate to it? She is forever there for you, to give you comfort, support, and understanding. 

You know how friendships fade when someone moves away. That will never happen with your sister. It doesn’t matter how many miles are there between you, she is always your person. 

If you have a sister, you know how hard it can be to get rid of her. Sisters are always there. Your sister is the only one who loves you, even when you don’t love yourself. That is how strong a sisters’ love is. 

Sisters’ bond is the most powerful bond in the world, you feel each other’s joy and sorrow. She is the only one that can be truly and unconditionally happy for you. 

Sister knows it all, even better than Santa Claus. Despite knowing the bad things, she still gives you presents! Don’t forget to thank her for that.

sisterly quotes

Sometimes sister tells us, not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Even if you don’t understand your mistakes at the moment, she is always pointing them out with the best intention. Sometimes we need her words to make the best decisions. 

Who would you call in the middle of the night if something happens? Who knows what you are thinking even before you say a word? It’s your sister. With her, the words are not needed. You can communicate with your eyes. You know, the sisters have a special connection, they can read the minds of each other. Just remember how many times she saved you in an awkward situation. You know what we are talking about..

Growing up with sisters means growing up and arguing with someone who always tells what she thinks directly. No one knows you better, and no one can annoy you like a sister. Also, there is not a single person in the world that can forgive easier than your sister.

Very often, sisters don’t even know the reason for arguing. It’s the sisters’ thing. Just like that, sisters don’t need a reason to love each other. They simply do.


When you count your blessings, having a sister comes at the top of the list. Always remember that. What’s your favorite memory about your sister? Share it with us!