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5 Excellent Ways To Resolve Friendship Issues

Friendships aren’t always all candy and rainbows. Disagreements and arguments are going to happen, that’s just how people work. Friendship issues can be uncomfortable. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. When the road gets a little rocky, try one of these five methods to smooth it over again.

Discuss Your Thoughts
Via Wifi

Sometimes verbal communication can be a little tricky. Getting those thoughts down in writing can lend them new perspective. There are plenty of options, too! Whether it’s by text, email, a messenger app or the good old pen and paper, sometimes this simple trick can be crucial to resolving friendship issues.

Make A Gesture



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Go out of your way to give them a friendly greeting or acknowledgment in social situations. A good smile, clasping of the shoulder or even a small gift can go miles when it comes to letting them know that you’re over it.

Hug It Out

One of the most tried and true solutions to friendship issues, sometimes all it takes it a comforting embrace. Very few things in this world can come as close to reminding someone of the warmth of friendship than a good hug.

Take A Selfie!


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It might seem silly, but capturing a good, fun moment together can be instrumental in resolving a conflict. It’ll get you close to one another and you’ll have a hard time not making ridiculous faces, or at least smiling.

Dinner, Drinks or Coffe?


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Here’s to the girls and the weekend. 🥂

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Make a date! Get out and do something together, even if you’re just perking up with an old-fashioned cup of joe. Any friendship issues you might be having are sure to hit the ditch once the drinks hit the table. Feel free to expand on this with movie plans!