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A best friend. An amigo, a compatriot, companion, or partner in crime. Whatever you call yours, you can rest assured that everyone’s got their own version! They’re going to be at your side from the beginning to the end, through good times and bad. They’ll be there to get you into trouble, and they’ll be there to help bail you out. Heck, that’s probably why the term “partners in crime” is tossed around so affectionately.


It’s also probably the reason delightful charm bracelets like this piece from Lola Ro are such popular tokens of these oftentimes life-long friendships. Those little handcuff charms symbolize these friendships so perfectly! In any case, they’re necessary, deeply meaningful and there’s not a person on the face of this planet that should go without one. Here are five reasons that everyone needs a partner in crime, whether they know it or not!


They’ve Always Got An Ear For Your Troubles

partner in crime

It may seem simple, but it’s an awfully underrated privilege. Having someone that you can vent to is an important aspect of dealing with day-to-day life, whether it’s big drama or minor inconveniences.

They Identify With Your Personal Craziness

partner in crime

When life gets you down, laughter can be a difficult thing to find. Having someone in your life to help you laugh through those dark times is an absolute necessity, and the hallmark of a perfect partner in crime!

You Feel Comfortable Being Silly Around Them

partners in crime

Between your personal and professional lives, you can end up feeling a little boxed in by social constraints and perceptions. But a best friend will always be someone you’re comfortable letting go and popping the cork on your bottled up silliness around.

They Encourage You To Get Out Of Your Shell

partner in crime

Everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes, and having someone on the sidelines pushing you along with new and exciting ideas can be the perfect recipe for success! Maybe not all the time, but the fun is always worth the trouble, isn’t it? This is one entry that really makes that handcuff bracelet an attractive gift!

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