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A best friend is like a “ride or die” who has your back even during tough times. He or she is not just a friend but is like family. That is a best friend! The one shoulder to cry on and share secrets.  A friend who gives constant affection that cannot be shared with anyone else. All these characteristics make a best friend. Someone with whom we can laugh with, cry with and share the insanity.  Enjoy these best friend quotes. Let’s scroll to see how to thank your best friend.

Thank you for always being on my side 

thank your best friend

A human tendency is to make mistakes and regret. On the same page, a best friend is the one who has never got to judge you on the stupidities you have faced. Right or wrong they will always be on your side.


Thank for all the priceless memories we have shared 

thank your best friend

Do you have a thought when you are alone and you don’t have someone to share it with? Scary! Isn’t it? A best friend is the one who holds your back in rough times and gives you a bounce back of happiness. Talking for hours and sharing secrets with the one you trust is the most memorable joy of life. Thanks to them, you have so many wonderful experiences to reflect back on and many more to make.


Thank you for checking in on me just to say hello

thank your best friend

It is an impeccable feeling when you know someone’s got you covered. Express thanks to your best friend for keeping a check on you every time.


Thank you for agreeing to ‘forgive and forget’ after every quarrel

thank a best friend

No friendship is perfect but there might be arguments, fights over mere things. In the end, one of you gives up and steps forward with a chuckle to join the gang again. However, when all is said and done, you will both forgive one another because you know your priorities.   

Thank you for always being there to put a smile on my face 

thank your best friend

Time is a variable and keeps on changing with some good and bad reflections. Your friend is always there to encourage you to make you smile on your bad times. Whether it be a celebratory hug or a shoulder to cry your friend just wants to see you happy.  


At the end of the day, we choose the people we want to have in our lives. The bond we share and the promises made with our best friend is special and unbreakable. If we are lucky, it is a bond that will last a lifespan. So, the next time you see them, thank your best friend for their invaluable friendship with this friendship adjustable bracelet. Life is short have fun and grow strong friendships.