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Having a best friend as your confidante is essential but having fun with them makes life more enjoyable. There are friends we have a pizza date with, go to the gym or gossip but whatever the occasion our best friend is an added boost to our self-esteem. Life is more fun and exciting with a close pal to share life’s goofiest moments. And that is so true! Let’s take a  moment reminiscence on 8 fun things best friends do together.

The BFF swagger pose

We always want to show off our friends on social media with a pose that radiates class. Stand tall, take your friend by the arm, and feel as good as you look!

Blowing kisses

This one’s a classic. No matter how much time passes by or how old you are, taking a photo blowing a kiss with your friends will always be fun.

Photos with your tongue out

Another typical photo poses to do while you goof around with your friends that will make you guys laugh about how silly you look!

Just goofing around and getting the perfect pose for Instagram

Show everyone on Insta how much fun you have with your BFF and how much of a goofball you guys are when you’re together.

The long and fun car rides

A long ride on the car can be extremely boring on your own. But when you’re with your BFF everything changes and it’s suddenly the most enjoyable plan you can think of. Blast out your music and have a singing party!

Shopping is so much more fun with your BFF

Going shopping is ten times more enjoyable when you go with your BFF. They tell you what looks good on you, what’s fashionable, you get to good around the stores, even if you’re just window shopping.

A face mask day, so we both look pretty

Face masks are so relaxing and good for your skin and sharing the experience with your BFF will make it that much more satisfying. Plus, you get to take silly photos goofing around on your masks.

Matching outfits

Show the world that you are more than just friends, you’re like twins! Choose a cute outfit with your best friend and go out looking pretty.

So, if you haven’t done any of this fun stuff mentioned then maybe tell your best friend “let’s do something new, like a face mask date night!”. Change things up and have a good time with your BFF. I hope you enjoyed the list of things best friends do together.