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A Sweet Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Lesley,

 I’m taking my time to thank you, Lesley, you such a loyal and great friend. I can talk more about you pal; about those memorable moments of joy and sadness. Especially your comforting tone every time I was mad at everything. You did not give up on me even when I was busy pushing you away so that I could be alone. Do you know what funny Lesley is? I’m always enthusiastic when I check my phone call logs, it’s full of you. 

It is such a blessing to have a soul like you in my life; your encouraging words demolished my depression and agony. May God keep the two of us together forever in both happiness and sadness. You kept up with my astray ways, feeding me with motivations that I could be better than I thought and that kept me moving. You took me places without taking a step but just wise words. All I could ever ask from the universe is to keep you in my way never to turn back.

If you let me, I can write a thousand and one apologies, because you totally deserve it. You provided me with the necessary strength and confidence; such an amazing being in my life that even words can’t completely describe. Heaven on earth was real, happiness was the key, depression was the enemy; you taught me that. I even went to one of the trees in the park and encircled our names with love, “friends forever.” I know this is not much but in my heart our friendship is everything. I even went ahead to purchase this anchor necklace as your gift. Matching friendship necklace because you are forever my anchor. It symbolizes my love to you and we can never separate in any way. I’m eager to hear from you soon, and I hope you like doves. Thank you so much, Lesley Scot, you’re forever embraced in my heart. 


Your sincerely best friend,


Grace Cooper.