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An Emotional Open Thank You Letter to You Stepmom

The Mixed Emotions

They say to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s really hard not to. When you walked into my life, I was filled with mixed emotions. Who was this new woman who was coming into my home? What were her intentions with us? I was confused, angry and afraid–I didn’t want you to replace my mom. But, deeper than that, I didn’t want to get attached to someone that I didn’t know would be here to stay.

I Didn’t Want to Get Hurt

In other words, I was afraid of getting hurt. So, I tried really hard not to like you. I tried not to like the little things you did- like making me breakfast in the morning, helping me get ready for school, helping me with my homework, making sure I’m always okay and giving me advice when I needed it. But, as time passed, and I started to see your true colors – your love for my family and me – I couldn’t help, but love you back. You were irresistible. You really started to become my mom.

I Finally Accepted You as My Mom

You were always there when I needed you – my first soccer game, my first science fair, my parent-teacher conferences, my first prom, graduation, and break-ups. You were by my side and had my back whenever I needed it. You always put me first and saw me as your own.

Thank you and Thank you Once Again

Thank you for the daily hugs, affections, laughter, and smiles that you always gave me. You always knew how to make me feel better and always pushed me to do better. Thank you for not letting me push you away, and for giving me the time and space to grow and accept you. Thank you for believing in me, when I did not believe in myself. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for simply being you-you’re a bonus mom! I love you! I hope this bonus mom key chain serves as a constant reminder of my love for you.


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