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Are You Really Hotter by One Degree?

What does it mean to be hotter by one degree? Well, most would be led to assume that they’re one step closer to earning a six-figure income in a field that they’re passionate about. I was going over this article earlier today, and the story of this computer science major from Evergreen State College instantly caught my attention. I was pretty shocked to learn that he was struggling to find a decent paying job with his relatively impressive credentials. So he struck out to find an alternative, and decided to follow through with an online program at Udacity that would certify him in iOS mobile app development. The condensed five course program cost him a measly $900 (compared to student loans totaling $39,000 for his existing degree). After taking the skill based course at Udacity, he immediately landed a job developing mobile applications and earning six figures at the National Center for Telehealth.


So what does this tell us? Sure, it sounds like a great idea to get a college degree on paper. But in today’s job market, is it really enough? Hiring managers seem to be shifting towards looking for skills, and not degrees. Due to a brutally competitive job market, college degree holders are adding skill based programs and certifications to their credentials in order to make themselves more marketable. There’s also the consideration that not everyone has the time and money to invest into a four year degree which might not even guarantee a good job in their chosen field.

Today, people generally prefer to invest in skills that will quickly manifest lucrative job opportunities. Some examples of this are website design, business analytics, cyber – security and so on. But don’t let that discourage you from investing in yourself. An education is still a valuable prospect that impacts your career and future very positively. If you do know someone that’s preparing to graduate or has already earned a degree, congratulate them on such a massive achievement! The job market may be difficult, but a commemorative graduation bracelet like this one is sure to brighten their day. Whether they land that dream job or not, they’re still hotter by one degree!

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