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Graduate Doctor – Congratulations!

Graduate Doctor – Congratulations Any doctor will tell you that becoming a graduate doctor is anything but easy. It requires so much hard work and dedication that it’s simply not for everyone. However, when you really want something, you have to go for it. Being a doctor can be such a fulfilling career. You have the opportunity to see the direct effects of treating patients for their various illnesses. You can also conduct research to…

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Travel Partner BFF Jewelry – Partners In Crime Adventure Buddies

Travel Partner BFF Jewelry – Partners In Crime Adventure Buddies Close your eyes and imagine your perfect getaway. Maybe you see yourself walking through the  Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia. Possibly looking out onto the Indian Ocean from your water villa in The Maldives. How about backpacking through the Mayan ruins in Peru? Whatever it is, traveling the world is an incredible experience that everyone should have. Having your travel partner BFF  makes these experiences…

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Instagram Graduation Moments

Instagram Graduation Moments Instagram is such a great platform to share all of your most cherished memories with your friends and family. Whether you decide to show off your fabulous outfit or your supportive parents, many of us love to see these instagram graduation moments! We’ve already done some browsing and wanted to show you some of the awesome moments we’ve seen! What better way to celebrate being one degree hotter than a glass of…

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Best Graduation Outfit

Best Graduation Outfit Getting the perfect graduation outfit can be stressful. From the shoes to the dress, the hair to the accessories – there are just so many things to consider! Not to mention that you may still have some last minute exams or papers to complete before grabbing that diploma. But not to worry! We’ve created the ultimate guide to the best graduation outfit right here! Shoes On graduation day, you want shoes that…

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Strong Women Everywhere!

Strong Women Everywhere! Powerful. Self-Confident. Brave. These are some of the traits the embody a strong woman. When you think of strong women, what comes to mind? Is it the resilience that it takes to get to the top of the corporate ladder? Or the physical and mental strength women have when carrying and delivering a baby for 9 months? The list can go on and on! In today’s society, it can be easy to…

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Bible Verse Jewelry Collection

Bible Verse Jewelry Collection The bible has so many amazing scriptures that people want to commit to memory. Wearing our bible verse jewelry is a great way to keep these verses with you at all times. From Genesis to Revelations, there are so many verses to choose from. Believe it or not, so many people in the bible struggled with lots of the same things we struggle with today. Unfortunately, in life there will always…

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Personalized Graduation Bracelet – What does Graduation Mean to You

Personalized Graduation Bracelet – What does Graduation Mean to You Congratulations, you did it! Graduation season is always a joyous one. Family and friends from all over the world come together to celebrate your amazing accomplishments over the years. However, you can’t forget the difficult exams and strict professors that got you to this point of success. Law School can be especially difficult since it requires huge amounts of reading and reviewing. But now you’re…

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