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BOJO is old now. He is 10 and a half years old. He is sick and must not live long. I
remember when you gifted him to me on my birthday. He was so tiny. Here is
the picture you clicked it, remember?

I am sorry my best friend

HAHA! Memories are making me both laugh and cry at the same time. 3 years since
we last talked, 3 years since the time BOJO last met you. We are both missing
you now. Looking at him I realize, life is short, I will die soon and so will you,
but not with grudges in our heart. I know you are still mad at me, all I can say
I am sorry. We are both waiting. Please come back. Sending you his image.

i am sorry my best friend

Another memory of our childhood is those handmade friendship bands we used to make for each other. And now it’s been 3 years since we’ve celebrated our friendship day.

BOJO has always been the third one in our BFF group. All these memories fill me with mix emotions and the fear of losing you and BOJO.

I am extremely sorry for the times I misunderstood and ignored you. I should
have never treated you like this. I still remember the time when we were kids
and we used to exchange those handmade friendship bands. I have always
believed that it was something that kept our friendship so strong.

I still remember the fun and joy your company offered me! For all the lovely time
we’ve spent together and for our never-ending friendship, I’ve bought a set of
lovely friendship band. I hope these bands will restore our friendship once again
and we’ll be friends forever.

matching friendship bracelets

The anchor of this bracelet will remind us to keep our friendship strong, no
matter and the pinky finger will remind us to keep our promises forever.
I am also attaching a picture of the bracelet you’ll be receiving. Hope you’ll like it
and I wish our friendship stays long and strong.

Remember, I am always there, no matter what!