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Instagram Graduation Moments

Instagram is such a great platform to share all of your most cherished memories with your friends and family. Whether you decide to show off your fabulous outfit or your supportive parents, many of us love to see these instagram graduation moments! We’ve already done some browsing and wanted to show you some of the awesome moments we’ve seen!

What better way to celebrate being one degree hotter than a glass of bubbly?! Like she said, “BE EXTRA! Be too happy!”

Take a beautiful selfie with your supportive family to capture this unforgettable proud moment! Say “cheese” Grandma!

There’s no better feeling than moving the tassel from right to left after graduating! Woohoo! Go Terps!


You’ve got to make sure that hair and make up is on POINT for your graduation. She sure did!

Decorate your cap with your favorite motivational quote, a funny meme, or anything that represents you and your journey to graduation. Make it your own!

This girl definitely has the right idea. “Never apologize for being a POWERFUL woman!”

My dear sister @kerregan graduated high school last night! Words fail to express just how happy and proud I am of this powerhouse of a woman! She worked so hard for this day, and I am so glad I am able to know her during this part of her journey through life! She is my twin writer, photographer, artist, activist, and also a true friend, and magnificent human with a heart of pure gold, who is going to do great things in the world! . When Kerregan and I first got to know each other it took no time at all for her to quickly grow into my best friend, my soul sister, my other half. Our friendship means the entire world to me, and to see her happy and succeeding makes it even more amazing! To know someone that seems as though was born from the very same star as you is the absolute best! Our thoughts and interests align in a way nobody could ever understand. I mean, hello?! Look at what her cap says? She is my kind of human! I am forever grateful that God and the universe has pulled us together, and even more thankful that God is blessing Kerregan with great things like this! She truly deserves it. . Yesterday she graduated from high school, and that is a huge accomplishment, but I know with my whole heart that this is only the beginning of all she will achieve— she will be accomplishing so much more in the coming years! She will take the world by storm with her intelligence, grace, integrity, will power, and so on! She will change this world. So get ready universe, because Kerregan is no longer an acorn, she is a mighty, mighty oak tree, a remarkable human being, a powerful woman, and she will only continue to grow, and I will continue to stand by and do the same beside her. There is nothing she can’t do. There is nothing any of us can’t do! We just need to put in the effort and determination to do so! . CONGRATS SISTER! I FRIGGIN’ LOVE YOU! KEEP SHINING LIKE THE GEM YOU ARE! 👩🏽‍🎓📚🌸💪🏼✨ • #WomenOfTheWorld #HighSchoolGrad #WestFeliciana #ClassOf2018

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