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Sasha Obama Graduates High School

It’s official! Sasha, the daughter of former POTUS Barack Obama has completed high school as of June 9th, 2019. Barack and Michelle, along with their eldest daughter, Malia, were in attendance. Also attending the Sidwell graduation was former vice president and 2020 candidate Joe Biden, in support of his granddaughter, Maisy.


Sasha Obama graduating high school is certainly something making headlines. But let’s not forget that students across the nation are graduating alongside her this summer.

An Achievement To Be Celebrated

Not everyone receives quite the amount of graduation fanfare that the daughter of a former president might. But graduation in and of itself is an achievement to be proud of. It’s the first step that many decorated people of achievement often ever make, even presidents! So you’re casting your lot alongside giants, make no mistake.

Time Well Spent

What do all presidents have in common? Well, they all graduated high school. Barack Obama, for instance, managed his education well. And it took him to the highest seat of the nation. Graduation is but the first step of many, but it’s a sure sign that your time is well spent.

The First Of Many Steps

As Sasha Obama graduates high school, the rumor is that her sights are set on the University of Michigan. What are your next steps? While it may be a great achievement, it’s also the perfect time to take initiative. The temptation to take it easy is difficult to resist, but determination is the name of the game.

A Moment To Be Commemorated

If you or a loved one has recently graduated, commemorate the moment they became ready to take on the world. This 2019 graduation keychain is the perfect memento for the occasion. It’s elegant, and yet perfectly discreet. Pick one up today to help celebrate this one in a lifetime achievement.


sasha obama graduates high school

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