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Six Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Squish

The difference between a “squish” and a genuine romantic crush can be subtle, and understandably confusing for those that are unfamiliar with the concept. The truth is, there’s no real romantic inclination towards your squish. It’s easily within the realm of possibility that your best friend is your squish. Think of “squish love” as an incredibly deep and intimate platonic love shared between two people.


Your squish is someone that you’re always comfortable being around in the utmost of ways. You love everything about them, and you’re always craving more – it’s also almost purely asexual, and doesn’t tend to get complicated by the idea of romantic commitment. That’s why there’s so much overlap in the idea that your best friend is your squish, because for the most part, it’s true for pretty much anyone with a best friend. But if you need a little more context, here are six signs that your best friend is your squish.

They Just “Get” You

Sometimes you might have a hard time articulating your feelings, but your squish can always finish the sentence for you. They always seem to know what you’re getting at, and it makes the flow of conversation so much easier to manage – not to mention less stressful.

There’s Never A Bad Time For Them To Be Around

When you’re having company, you probably always start to fret about how your place looks, make sure you’re wearing nice clothes, and so on. But your squish? It doesn’t matter if things are a little messy or you’re having a sweatpants kind of day – you know they’ll get it.

Everything’s A Little Better When They’re Present

Whether it’s the movie you’re watching together, the snack you’ve decided to whip up, or a couple of drinks before a night out – the jokes are a little funnier, the sweets are a little sweeter, and everything in general just has that little extra bit of “something” when you’re sharing it with them.

They’re Always There For You, And Vice Versa

If they’re the first person to come to mind when you feel like you need help with something, or you just want to vent about some of life’s day-to-day frustrations, that’s a solid sign that you have a squish on your hands.

Their Presence Is Soothing

If you can drop by their place after a long day at work or a stressful bout of errands and feel the tension slip away as soon as you set eyes on them, then that’s definitely a pretty strong indicator.

You’re Always In Touch

Facebook, Twitter, texts and phone calls. If they’re virtually omnipresent in your daily communications and you have a difficult time nailing down a day when you didn’t chat, that’s a pretty obvious shoo-in for squish status.