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The Airplane Necklace: Big Dreams!

The Airplane Necklace: Above & Beyond Fashion is largely symbolic, aesthetically expressing your personality and innermost desires. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry, perhaps being the most directly expressive fashion accessories available, but still open to interpretation. So how would one interpret the airplane necklace? What concepts come to mind when it is seen? What occasions or life events can be commemorated when gifting this piece to a friend or colleague? Wanderlust…

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A Great Way to Congratulate on Life Achievements

A Great Way to Congratulate on Life Achievements   The “Breathe. Believe. Be.” bracelet is one of our unique designs, perfect for congratulating someone on their life achievements. Whether it be a graduation, a new job, or even a new car, this bracelet is a lovely gift to be added to one’s jewelry collection. One of the great things about our bracelets is that we use an adjustable bangle to ensure that it fits all…

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