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10 fun nicknames for best friends

10 fun nicknames for best friends Every person loves a nickname as long as it does not hurt their feelings. Therefore, you should choose a fun nickname for your best friend that humors the person, and not insult them. You can come up with these names according to your friend’s funny incidents, habits, mannerisms, or personalities. In this article, you will get ten fun nicknames for best friends to help you figure out which of…

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A Sweet Letter to my Best Friend

A Sweet Letter to my Best Friend Dear Lesley,  I’m taking my time to thank you, Lesley, you such a loyal and great friend. I can talk more about you pal; about those memorable moments of joy and sadness. Especially your comforting tone every time I was mad at everything. You did not give up on me even when I was busy pushing you away so that I could be alone. Do you know what…

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10 Fun Things to Text to Your Best Friend (Emoji Signs)

10 Fun Things to Text to Your Best Friend (Emoji Signs)   Sending fun emojis is a great way to convey one’s feelings and emotions to friends. Emojis are funky and make your conversation more interesting and engaging. Having said so, here are 10 fun things to text to your best friend every once in a while:   Check on your friend Don’t let your friends get bored with you. Always check on them. Whether…

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Graduation Messages For Your Best Friend

“Life’s never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” You know it’s true. When did you meet them? Was it middle school? Maybe you were separated when you got into high schools, perhaps one of you moved. But a bond like that isn’t broken over something so trivial. You still ended up at the same university and both graduated there, too. It must have felt like fate. And it was only right to…

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