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Six Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Squish

Six Signs That Your Best Friend Is Your Squish The difference between a “squish” and a genuine romantic crush can be subtle, and understandably confusing for those that are unfamiliar with the concept. The truth is, there’s no real romantic inclination towards your squish. It’s easily within the realm of possibility that your best friend is your squish. Think of “squish love” as an incredibly deep and intimate platonic love shared between two people.  …

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Best Friend Promise Finger – A Story of Lasting Friendship

Friendship is defined as a close bond between two individuals who share a sense of respect, admiration, care and concern for one another. It involves a desire to see one another grow and succeed in all facets of life. All of these traits embody the foundation of friendship that turns into relationship. A relationship that takes time – time to get to know one another and time to create lasting memories.     As the…

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