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8 Funny things best friends do together

Having a best friend as your confidante is essential but having fun with them makes life more enjoyable. There are friends we have a pizza date with, go to the gym or gossip but whatever the occasion our best friend is an added boost to our self-esteem. Life is more fun and exciting with a close pal to share life’s goofiest moments. And that is so true! Let’s take a  moment reminiscence on 8 fun…

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8 Best Friend Forever Quotes

8 Best Friends Forever Quotes What do you love most about your best friend? Is it their ability to make you feel happy and cherished? Or their readiness to provide a shoulder to cry on when you are down? Or the fact that they love you unconditionally for whom you are? Do you want to make your best friend feel special and loved? The following best friend forever quotes can help make your true feelings…

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I AM REALLY SORRY MY BEST FRIEND BOJO is old now. He is 10 and a half years old. He is sick and must not live long. I remember when you gifted him to me on my birthday. He was so tiny. Here is the picture you clicked it, remember? HAHA! Memories are making me both laugh and cry at the same time. 3 years since we last talked, 3 years since the time BOJO…

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5 Apology Text Messages To Send To Your Best Friend

5 Apology Text Messages To Send To Your Best Friend A mistake is an obvious thing in most relationships. However, saying sorry to the special one is the right way to go for after each wrongdoing since it shows you regretted your act.  In this article, you’ll find five apology messages you can send to your best friend to show them how sorry you’re and you regret that act. Let’s start!  You Mean Everything To…

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10 Best Friend Quotes to Always Remember

10 Best Friend Quotes to Always Remember Having a friend is one of the most satisfying things that life can ever accord you. You know that you are not walking alone and you have a shoulder to lean on. A friend is a person you never knew you needed until you met them.  To be sure that your friendship is not build on quicksand, check out these best friend quotes that tell you the essence…

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You are my Person, You are my Best Friend

“You’re My Person” – What Does It Mean?   There’s always a certain something about a best friend that makes you look at them and decide, “you are my person” – is it the endless chain of text conversations? Is it the mid-shopping Snapchats, the movie-reel length of selfies taken before one of you decides on the perfect angle? I suppose one certain indicator would be that… They’ve Always Got Your Back   What about…

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5 Ways to Thank Your Best Friend

  A best friend is like a “ride or die” who has your back even during tough times. He or she is not just a friend but is like family. That is a best friend! The one shoulder to cry on and share secrets.  A friend who gives constant affection that cannot be shared with anyone else. All these characteristics make a best friend. Someone with whom we can laugh with, cry with and share…

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Top 10 Best Friend Quotes to Remember

Everyone has a best friend in their lives. Whether a confidant, a comrade, or a partner, there’s always at least one. And sometimes more! This person often makes living your everyday life just a little bit more special, whether it’s an impromptu brunch or a special charm necklace!   What is life without a good friend, after all? It can feel awful lonely without someone to share your triumphs and tribulations with. Luckily, most of…

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