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You are my Person, You are my Best Friend

“You’re My Person” – What Does It Mean?   There’s always a certain something about a best friend that makes you look at them and decide, “you are my person” – is it the endless chain of text conversations? Is it the mid-shopping Snapchats, the movie-reel length of selfies taken before one of you decides on the perfect angle? I suppose one certain indicator would be that… They’ve Always Got Your Back   What about…

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A Sweet Letter to my Best Friend

Dear Best Friend, You’ve got to do what you always tell us, rise from the ashes and become a better person through your experiences. I know it will be hard. Situations like that are hard to get through, but you’ve helped me through tough scrapes like this before, so now it’s time for someone to be there for you. Thanks to you and your huge heart, I know exactly what you need. And for that,…

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