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8 Funny things best friends do together

Having a best friend as your confidante is essential but having fun with them makes life more enjoyable. There are friends we have a pizza date with, go to the gym or gossip but whatever the occasion our best friend is an added boost to our self-esteem. Life is more fun and exciting with a close pal to share life’s goofiest moments. And that is so true! Let’s take a  moment reminiscence on 8 fun…

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5 things to do with your best friend

Have you ever wondered what to do when you find someone that you always want to spend your time with? Someone who gets you, understand you and makes you laugh. That’s right you have found a best friend! But, what are the things that you can do with your best friend? When you are that close to someone, it’s always important to keep doing things every day, so that you both benefit out of the friendship…

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10 Nicknames to Call your Best Friend

10 Nicknames to Call your Best Friend Nicknames, or “pet names,” are common fare in close friendships. Some are silly, some are endearing, but above all, they’re reserved for a special kind of person. You know, the sort of person that would end up wearing one of these lovely friendship bracelets, after you pick up a set to cement your bond!   Below is a list of common nicknames to call your best friend. Do…

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Graduation Messages For Your Best Friend

“Life’s never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” You know it’s true. When did you meet them? Was it middle school? Maybe you were separated when you got into high schools, perhaps one of you moved. But a bond like that isn’t broken over something so trivial. You still ended up at the same university and both graduated there, too. It must have felt like fate. And it was only right to…

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