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I AM REALLY SORRY MY BEST FRIEND BOJO is old now. He is 10 and a half years old. He is sick and must not live long. I remember when you gifted him to me on my birthday. He was so tiny. Here is the picture you clicked it, remember? HAHA! Memories are making me both laugh and cry at the same time. 3 years since we last talked, 3 years since the time BOJO…

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5 things to do with your best friend

Have you ever wondered what to do when you find someone that you always want to spend your time with? Someone who gets you, understand you and makes you laugh. That’s right you have found a best friend! But, what are the things that you can do with your best friend? When you are that close to someone, it’s always important to keep doing things every day, so that you both benefit out of the friendship…

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5 Ways to Thank Your Best Friend

  A best friend is like a “ride or die” who has your back even during tough times. He or she is not just a friend but is like family. That is a best friend! The one shoulder to cry on and share secrets.  A friend who gives constant affection that cannot be shared with anyone else. All these characteristics make a best friend. Someone with whom we can laugh with, cry with and share…

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Thelma and Louise Friendship Bracelets

Thelma and Louise Friendship Bracelets When you hear “Ride or Die,” what comes to mind? Cliff and Claire Huxtable? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Oprah and Gayle? A Ride or Die friend is someone that will “ride” through all of life’s challenges with you or “die” trying. Of course you don’t have to die to prove your loyalty, but “Ride or Die” friends always know how to withstand the tests of time. Has your friend stuck by…

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