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Thelma and Louise Friendship Bracelets

Thelma and Louise Friendship Bracelets When you hear “Ride or Die,” what comes to mind? Cliff and Claire Huxtable? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Oprah and Gayle? A Ride or Die friend is someone that will “ride” through all of life’s challenges with you or “die” trying. Of course you don’t have to die to prove your loyalty, but “Ride or Die” friends always know how to withstand the tests of time. Has your friend stuck by…

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God’s Masterpiece Christian Jewelry

God’s Masterpiece Christian Jewelry Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem? Do you ever compare yourself to others and feel that you just don’t measure up? Comparison can truly be the thief of joy. There is always someone who is more beautiful or more successful. These thoughts are very dangerous for one’s self esteem and overall well being. But there’s good news! Every single one of us is a unique masterpiece of God. We are…

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