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5 Inspirational Graduation Ceremony Speeches

  Inspirational graduation ceremonies are a time to celebrate students who have successfully met the academic and extracurricular requirements for receiving their degrees or diplomas. Alongside the awarding of the degrees or diplomas, the commencement address is an important part of the ceremony. It is a speech given to graduating students, congratulating them on their achievements and encouraging them to pursue their goals. Typically, the commencement speaker inspires and imparts wisdom to the next generation…

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Are You Really Hotter by One Degree?

Are You Really Hotter by One Degree? What does it mean to be hotter by one degree? Well, most would be led to assume that they’re one step closer to earning a six-figure income in a field that they’re passionate about. I was going over this article earlier today, and the story of this computer science major from Evergreen State College instantly caught my attention. I was pretty shocked to learn that he was struggling…

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