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Sasha Obama Graduates High School

Sasha Obama Graduates High School It’s official! Sasha, the daughter of former POTUS Barack Obama has completed high school as of June 9th, 2019. Barack and Michelle, along with their eldest daughter, Malia, were in attendance. Also attending the Sidwell graduation was former vice president and 2020 candidate Joe Biden, in support of his granddaughter, Maisy.     View this post on Instagram   “Life has never been about you or about me. Life and…

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Graduation Messages For Your Best Friend

“Life’s never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” You know it’s true. When did you meet them? Was it middle school? Maybe you were separated when you got into high schools, perhaps one of you moved. But a bond like that isn’t broken over something so trivial. You still ended up at the same university and both graduated there, too. It must have felt like fate. And it was only right to…

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5 Inspirational Graduation Ceremony Speeches

  Inspirational graduation ceremonies are a time to celebrate students who have successfully met the academic and extracurricular requirements for receiving their degrees or diplomas. Alongside the awarding of the degrees or diplomas, the commencement address is an important part of the ceremony. It is a speech given to graduating students, congratulating them on their achievements and encouraging them to pursue their goals. Typically, the commencement speaker inspires and imparts wisdom to the next generation…

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Personalized Graduation Bracelet – What does Graduation Mean to You

Personalized Graduation Bracelet – What does Graduation Mean to You Congratulations, you did it! Graduation season is always a joyous one. Family and friends from all over the world come together to celebrate your amazing accomplishments over the years. However, you can’t forget the difficult exams and strict professors that got you to this point of success. Law School can be especially difficult since it requires huge amounts of reading and reviewing. But now you’re…

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