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The Airplane Necklace: Above & Beyond

Fashion is largely symbolic, aesthetically expressing your personality and innermost desires. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry, perhaps being the most directly expressive fashion accessories available, but still open to interpretation. So how would one interpret the airplane necklace? What concepts come to mind when it is seen? What occasions or life events can be commemorated when gifting this piece to a friend or colleague?

Wanderlust & Adventure

The airplane necklace makes a perfect gift for someone whose lifestyle revolves around travel and adventure. It’s perfectly expressive of their wandering nature, encapsulating their adventurous side and love of travel.

A New Lease On Love

Ships are often used as metaphors for relationships and ventures in romance, but why sail when you can fly? If you or a friend are embarking on a new romantic journey, the airplane necklace can serve as a unique and memorable keepsake.

A Celebration Of Opportunity & Advancement

Sometimes, obtaining a new position, job, or simply graduating from school can feel like boarding an airplane. You’re about to take a trip to a new and exciting place in your life, and the possibilities seem endless. The airplane necklace is an excellent way to congratulate an important person in your life on their new and exciting opportunities.

A Token Of Self-Discovery

The airplane necklace can kindle fond memories of summers abroad and self-discovery. Gift it to the wandering soul in your life, hungry for purpose and direction. Who knows? Maybe it will inspire them to engage in a similar experience and find themselves over the course of an exciting journey.

The Perfect Gift

As you can see, there are many ways to interpret the significance of the airplane necklace as a fashion accessory or gift. If any of these reasons struck a chord with you, or perhaps inspired you to develop your own, gift the airplane necklace to a friend or loved one today.