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Thelma and Louise Friendship Bracelets

When you hear “Ride or Die,” what comes to mind? Cliff and Claire Huxtable? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Oprah and Gayle?

A Ride or Die friend is someone that will “ride” through all of life’s challenges with you or “die” trying. Of course you don’t have to die to prove your loyalty, but “Ride or Die” friends always know how to withstand the tests of time. Has your friend stuck by you during a horrible heartbreak? Are you and your friend inseparable? If so, you are a “Ride or Die!” It is not always easy to stay loyal to your friends but the amazing memories and countless inside jokes are definitely worth it!

Here are 5 signs that you’re a “Ride or Die:”

  • You ride through the bad, and enjoy the good

  • You never judge your friends – no matter what!

  • You can tell what your friend is thinking just by the look on her face

  • You support each other’s success, even if it means you won’t be together as much

  • You always keep it real with each other

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