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Becoming an aunt can be one of the most gratifying experiences in the world. You get to take part in the gift of a new life, without the responsibility of changing the diapers! Being serious though, it’s a wonderful thing to be. And it’s easily twice as wonderful to have one! Your aunt was the best aunt, right? And why not? She was yours, after all!


You’ve probably got fond memories of spending weekends at your aunt’s place, being whisked away for movies and ice cream, or anything in between. And once you were old enough to give back, you’ve likely taken out time to give her mementos of to remind her that she’s special to you.


She treated you like a million bucks, and made sure you knew you were her niece or nephew every chance that she got! She’s certainly a lovely lady worthy of the highest celebration, whether it’s taking her out for dinner or grabbing her a special gift. Go on, it’s perfectly alright to spoil her! She spoiled you, didn’t she?


If you’ve found yourself lapsing back into nostalgic memories of baked cookies and surprise visits, then you’re certainly in luck! We’ve cobbled together ten good quotes that celebrate the importance and value of your auntie, so kick back and take a few moments to remember that special woman and all she’s done for you!


An Aunt Can Give A Mother’s Hugs, Keep A Sister’s Secrets And Love Like A Friend!

aunty quotes and sayings

That about sums it up, doesn’t it? Your aunt gets to dip her toes into the best parts of all three roles!


Great Sisters Get Promoted To Aunt!

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And they usually do a pretty fantastic job, too!


You’re Just Jealous That My Aunt’s Better!

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Hey, showing a little family pride is definitely alright by us. Your aunt’s special, it’s okay to tell the world!


An Aunt’s Just A Friend With The Best Stories About Your Mom

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It’s true! If you ever need to dig up a little dirt about your mom, you know who to turn to!


Becoming An Aunt Is Special, Being An Aunt Is Awesome

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Pretty straightforward! Admit it, spending time with your aunt was probably more fun than being at home. It’s okay to admit it!


If Aunties Were Flowers, We’d Pick Her!

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You may not get to pick your aunt, but be honest, would you have picked any differently?


(A)dorable, (U)nderstanding, (N)ice, (T)eriffic!

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Well, that is how you spell it! And we can’t think of a better way to do it.


Aunt: Like A Mom, Just Cooler!

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Maybe a little feisty, but can you really argue? And we’re sure she’d agree!


For An Aunt, Happiness Is… Loving Her Sister’s Children!

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It’s mostly the same, just without most of the responsibility!


No One Is Perfect, Except For Her Nieces And Nephews!

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And that doting, unconditional affection is probably what you remember first and foremost!