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Everyone has a best friend in their lives. Whether a confidant, a comrade, or a partner, there’s always at least one. And sometimes more! This person often makes living your everyday life just a little bit more special, whether it’s an impromptu brunch or a special charm necklace!


What is life without a good friend, after all? It can feel awful lonely without someone to share your triumphs and tribulations with. Luckily, most of us have one or more of those incredibly dear people to go to with our, well, anything and everything! Whether it’s a movie, a lunch date or a long phone call about a problem you’re dealing with, a best friend is a vital component to a fulfilling and enjoyable livelihood.


Inside jokes, shared experiences and cooperatively solved problems are the basis of a close friendship. Sometimes, to others it can seem as if the two of you speak a language all your own! While the sound of that may seem alienating, it’s anything but that. It makes a gray, lonely world seem much more vibrant and colorful when you’re spending time together.


So it’s worthwhile to take a moment out of your day to reflect on what this person means to you. And what better time than now? We’ve gathered together a collection of ten endearing quotes that celebrate the meaningful bond between you and that special person. Remember who comes to mind as you browse the list below!


Real Friendship Is When You Show Up At Someone’s House And Just Take A Nap Together

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It’s often said that the ability to share a comfortable silence with another person is a form of love. And that’s doubly true when that silence is punctuated by a snore or two!


Never Let Your Best Friend Get Lonely, Keep Bothering Them!

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It’s easy to take this one a little too literally, but it’s nonetheless true. Sometimes friendship can mean breaking through a wall or two! Especially when one’s feeling moody.


A Good Friend Is Like A Four-Leaf Clover, They’re Both A Difficult And Lucky Find.

best friend quotes

A true and fair analogy indeed, and we’ll bet you have a four leaf clover in mind right now!


You’re The Sibling I Got To Pick!

best friend quotes

The closest friendships often resemble the bond between a brother a sister. They just so happen to be siblings you get the good fortune of choosing!


A Good Friend Is Like The North Star, You Don’t See It All The Time, But You Know Exactly Where It’ll Be

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So true! A reliable presence that can provide a sense of direction, even if it isn’t always visible! That’s a best friend for sure.

A True Friend Accepts Who You Are And Helps You Find Who You’ll Be

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Is there much more to be said? Through thick and thin, and helping to find the things that will make you whole.

If Life’s A Bore Without Them Involved, They’re Your Bestie

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It’s often difficult to imagine our lives without them. And that’s the mark of a true best friend! Truth be told, we don’t want to know how boring our life would be without them!

Too Close To Be Friends, And Far From Enemies, Never Strangers But Simply Memories

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Our friendships are our memories of that special person, undoubtedly. They make up the whole of our lives and relationships!

A Truer Friendship Is An Impossible Find, Especially One To Beat Yours And Mine

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It’s natural to feel a little competitive about your friendship, just don’t let it get out of hand! All friendships are important, whether they’re yours or not!

Luck Played the Part, But We Did The Rest

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Luck can play a major part in finding a person you can truly adapt to your life. But don’t underestimate the work you’ve had to put in yourselves!