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Top Ten Ways Students Say “Finally, I Graduated!”

Most students have spent years building towards this moment. And once their last tangle with the dreaded “finals week” is past, they’re eager to let everyone know about it. And who can blame them? It’s a once in a lifetime achievement, following long years of cumulative work.


You’re sure to hear hundreds of different quips, quotes and colorful statements expressing their pride, exasperation and joy. But they all translate into virtually the same core statement. Finally, I graduated! Here are the top ten quotes and expressions students throw around when graduation time rolls around.

1 – “It seemed like it would never end!”

Sometimes, it feels like it really never will end. It’s like the finish line kept slipping away every time you drew close. But at long last, here you are at the end of it. Even if the journey seemed endless, you made it.

2 – “I gave it my all.”

To say school is an endeavor is a plain understatement. For some of us, it feels like we had just enough gas in the tank to get us to the destination. But the important part is that it was enough. It got us there, and finally, we get to enjoy it.

3 – “Those all nighters are finally paying off.”

If there’s one memory that all students share, it’s the classic all night study session before a big exam. They’re a true testament to what we can all accomplish when driven by singular purpose. And a lot of caffeine, of course!

4 – “Just one more step to the finish line.”

Sometimes that all encompassing sense of relief can start to kick in as soon as the end is in sight. Knowing that graduation is just around the corner has a way of taking some weight off of your shoulders. Even if there’s still just one more exam or paper in your way.

5 – “Perseverance is key.”

And what more is there to say, really? This is often the first lesson that students start sharing with others once they’re able to say “Finally, I graduated!” Persistence in pursuing your goals is a necessary virtue.

6 – “Ah, the sweet smell of victory!”

You might think that you’d be more likely to hear this at a football game, but it’s more than applicable here. Being able to say that you finally graduated is a victory that’s just as sweet as any, if not more so!

7 – “I barely made it!”

For some of us, it took everything that we had in order to climb to the top of the mountain. And we’re just thankful that we managed to do so. There’s nothing wrong with that! The accomplishment is rewarding enough. And maybe a good night’s sleep – you won’t find a student arguing with that!

8 – “I really had to grow up.”

The journey to graduation day is just as much about growing as it is about learning. Some may be more impressed with their personal growth more than they are with their intellectual growth. And really, it’s difficult to have one without the other. It’s worth appreciating how much you grew while you were studying.

9 – “I clawed my way to the top!”

Getting to graduation day may have felt like a struggle. And it’s perfectly fine to take pride in the fact that you came out on top! This quote expresses how hard you had to work to get there, and how proud you are to have made it!

10 – “I just had to take one step at a time.”

This is probably one of the first things a student learns. How to take their time, and how to be patient. It’s a long road, after all. And this is the best way to walk it!