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“You’re My Person” – What Does It Mean?


There’s always a certain something about a best friend that makes you look at them and decide, “you are my person” – is it the endless chain of text conversations? Is it the mid-shopping Snapchats, the movie-reel length of selfies taken before one of you decides on the perfect angle? I suppose one certain indicator would be that…

They’ve Always Got Your Back


What about that time that your hair, makeup and outfit were totally on point when you showed up to the party, but that eagle-eyed bestie noticed the price tag hanging from your blouse and quietly pulled you aside to apply a stealthy snip?


And while that’s a definite hallmark of an intimate friendship, it has to be something much deeper than that, hasn’t it? After all, this is the person you’ve entrusted with the all-important task of providing critique and commentary on your deepest secrets and most intimate thoughts.


Maybe what made you decide “you are my person” is the time that you lost your job, and your best friend was already finding job openings for you. Or it could have been the time they were there to build you back up with kind words and advice after a bad breakup. At the end of the day, your person was there for you when you needed them. And that’s what matters.

When You’re Down, They Lift You Up


When someone can pick you up after you’ve tripped over one of life’s obstacles, that’s your person. When someone authentically celebrates your victories with you, that’s your person. When meeting up with someone over years and miles of separation feels just like coming home, that’s your person.


Sometimes true, deep and meaningful friendship can be difficult to articulate. The thing is, you don’t have to. Sometimes a humble gift given from the heart can say more than enough, and this lovely “You’re My Person” necklace is a great example. You can check it out right here. If you know exactly who your person is, let them know today. Sometimes the best way of knowing who your person amounts is nothing more than knowing you’re theirs, and receiving this necklace expresses that feeling beautifully.

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